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Unhoused residents built home on side of Southern California freeway

Among the 46,000 people in Los Angeles experiencing homelessness, there are dozens living along the Arroyo Seco next to the 110 Freeway near Highland Park.

Those living there have constructed a number of different makeshift structures, some with tents, tarps and other scrap materials, but at least one of the structures, complete with a stone wall, a walkway, a front door, electric-powered lighting and even a hammock for relaxing, stands out.

The people living in the seemingly well-kept structure did not want to speak to KTLA, and as might be expected, those living near the riverfront domicile have differing opinions on the encampment.

One woman who lives nearby told KTLA’s John Fenoglio in Spanish that unhoused residents don’t bother her, and that most of those living along the Arroyo are quiet and keep to themselves.

Neighbor Mike Ancheta does not feel the same, though he admitted some of the handiwork on the structures is impressive.

“I was just admiring the work that they’ve done,” he told KTLA. “Then, of course, you get violently attacked by these guys.”

As far as he’s concerned, the city needs to clear the encampment.

“This doesn’t belong here. This is public property,” Ancheta said. “But this is not what it’s supposed to be used for. This is dangerous. As you can see, someone is cooking out there, an open fire. They are stealing electricity. I mean, come on.”

Neighbor Enrique Rodriguez agrees with the sentiment but says he has empathy for those struggling.

“It sucks that some of these people are here,” he said. “I do wish better for those people. I cannot be sorry for the mistakes that they made.”

Ulysses Chavez told KTLA that he thinks getting by in Los Angeles has become too difficult.

“It’s messed up,” he said. “They should lower rent. They should lower all kinds of stuff, especially in L.A.”

KTLA reached out to the office of Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez, who represents the area, about the encampment along the Arroyo and is awaiting a response.

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