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Telegram to Tokenize Emojis and Stickers on TON Blockchain

Telegram, the widely used messaging service, has announced its commitment to The Open Network (TON) blockchain, revealing plans to tokenize emojis and stickers. This step denotes a more comprehensive engagement in blockchain technology, with the goal of forming an interactive and financially inclusive platform.

Tokenization of Digital Assets

At the Token2049 conference held in Dubai, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, revealed the plans to tokenize the range of emojis and stickers of the platform. The outcome comes after the tokenization of the user namespace, which was said to have made $350 million in sales. Such a strategy implemented by Telegram is based on the TON blockchain, which should operate these tokenized assets and enable the user to possess, trade, and monetize their digital stickers and emoji.

This is part of a large-scale endeavor to allow users to develop their applications, tools, and businesses right in the Telegram system. This move is intended to encourage a new ecosystem where users can interact with the platform for more than messaging, including commerce and content creation.

Telegram Revenue Sharing and Ad Platform

Along with tokenization, Telegram will change its current revenue model with content creators in which they will receive ad revenue through its Ad Network. Durov emphasized that ad revenue generated from advertisements on broadcast channels would be shared with the channel owners in the proportion of 50%. This approach makes Telegram one of the social media platforms with the most liberal revenue-sharing arrangements.

These changes are encouraged by the use of TON’s blockchain technology, that is famous for its scalability and capability to process huge transaction volumes. Durov’s idea for a blockchain-related ad market would lead to radical changes in conducting digital advertising, allowing the bypass of the in-app purchase systems through which the major app stores are exerting control.

Integration with Stablecoins and Payment Solutions

Further enhancing its blockchain functionality, Telegram announced the integration of the Tether (USDT) stablecoin and the launch of a gold-pegged stablecoin, Tether Gold (XAUT), on the TON network. This integration fosters smoother transaction functionality inside the application, allowing users and merchants a more flexible way of transacting.

In addition, Telegram has added to its payment means by integrating more than 40 payment providers, Stripe included. This expansion not only diversifies the available payment methods but also enhances the platform’s ability to facilitate commerce, providing a robust infrastructure for users to buy and sell goods and services globally.

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