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Solana-based PoW project Ore halts mining, announces version 2 ⋅ Crypto World Echo

Solana-based proof-of-work project (PoW) Ore has suspended its mining operations immediately, citing network congestion and instability issues.

The halt follows a remarkable surge in Ore’s market value, which more than tripled following the suspension announcement.

Ore’s pseudonymous founder, Hardhat Chad, announced the decision on social media and explained that mining was suspended to address critical flaws and prepare for a more efficient version of the Ore contract, referred to as Version 2 (v2).

The new version promises to improve the original design, correct inefficiencies, and introduce incentives to hold the token for miners.

Ore, which operates on a PoW distribution mechanism akin to Bitcoin, quickly became Solana’s most actively used program and was a significant factor in the network’s recent congestion issues. The popularity led to unprecedented network traffic and exposed several vulnerabilities in the network’s infrastructure.

Since its introduction, Ore’s price saw a meteoric rise from approximately $93 to a peak of over $300 before settling around $215.

The decision to pause Ore mining is part of a broader strategy to refine the project’s approach to token distribution. PoW, while secure and proven, is known for its high energy consumption and slower transaction times, which starkly contrasts Solana’s low-cost, high-throughput model.

By integrating PoW with Solana’s existing proof-of-history and proof-of-stake mechanisms, Ore aimed to create a fair and engaging distribution method.

As Ore moves towards its v2 launch, all existing tokens will be upgradable on a one-for-one basis, ensuring fairness for current stakeholders. The Ore team is focused on implementing changes to address previous inefficiencies, optimize the system, and better align with Solana’s ongoing network enhancements.

Solana’s community and investors closely monitor these developments, hoping the upcoming changes will stabilize and enhance the network’s performance. Meanwhile, the pause in mining activities marks a significant moment of reflection and recalibration for one of the most watched projects in the crypto space.

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