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Pranksters Ask Trump Rally-Goers Some Simple Questions, And… Wow. Just Wow.

The prankster duo known as The Good Liars asked some simple questions of Donald Trump supporters at a recent rally.

At least, they should have been simple ― but the answers were anything but.

One woman, for example, insisted that Trump is still president while also claiming that President Barack Obama is secretly “calling the shots.” A man declared that Trump is still “commander-in-chief” and said he would like to see him send Democrats “to the gallows.”

Still another vowed to “go ape shit” if Trump loses in November and predicted a “rebellion” as MAGA fans take to the streets.

One Trump fan who struggled to name “bad things” done by President Joe Biden also complained that gay people were “forcing” their lifestyle on him.

“Who’s forcing you to be gay?” asked Jason Selvig of The Good Liars.

“Joe Biden and his crew,” the man said.

“Joe Biden is forcing you to be gay?” Selvig replied.

In another instance, a woman said she would vote for Russian President Vladimir Putin over President Joe Biden because Putin “wants to go back to good morality” and “doesn’t allow all this crap about genders and pronouns and crap.”

And yet another man, who claimed he believed in “law,” also said he’s not bothered by the legal proceedings against Trump.

“If he had 21 million felonies, I’d vote for him,” the man said.

See more of The Good Liars’ interactions with Trump fans at last month’s rally in Greensboro, North Carolina below:

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