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Part Dog, Part AI, and Part Sausage, 2024 Review


WienerAI ($WAI) is a groundbreaking AI token that brings together artificial intelligence, dog loyalty, and the appealing essence of sausages to create a global initiative. As the first project combining these elements, WienerAI goes beyond being just another digital asset. It stands out as a leading cyberentity in the universe. With a precise vision for dominating the cryptocurrency market, WAI is ready to introduce unique staking rewards while building up the powerful Sausage Army.

WienerAI: The Fusion of Wiener, Dog, and Artificial Intelligence

WienerAI is the first ever construct blending a Wiener, a dog, and artificial intelligence, making it the most powerful cybernetic entity in the crypto universe. To climb to the top of the charts, WienerAI aims to grow its support base significantly. As part of this goal, WienerAI offers large staking rewards during the presale period to quickly increase its number of fans.

This newly introduced, unique project aims to create a space where artificial intelligence becomes a friend and partner, changing how we view new technologies. It works to make people see AI not just as a tool but as a reliable friend and secret keeper. The AI-powered sausage dog is designed for endless improvement, with the ability to constantly grow its memory and knowledge.

According to the story, WienerAI began under unusual circumstances. Created by The Architect, an innovative scientist, in 2132, it was born from an accidental lab incident. Originally intended as a high-tech canine AI, WienerAI unexpectedly evolved when some synthetic DNA mixed with experimental sausages in the lab led to the creation of this unique entity.

A Detailed Whitepaper

The WienerAI Whitepaper explains how WienerAI started as the leading cybernetic figure, combining AI traits, dog-like devotion, and a popular love for sausages. WienerAI presents an innovative AI token that initiates a fresh worldwide move. This new blend goes beyond typical digital assets by offering unmatched power as a cybernetic character. With goals set on reaching the top of the cryptocurrency rankings, WienerAI introduces unique staking rewards and creates a resilient Sausage Army ready to take over the decentralized space.

The main goal of WienerAI is to change how AI blends with companionship, aiming for a future filled with kindness and laughter, led by the Sausage Army. By combining AI with blockchain technology, WienerAI works on the Ethereum Network. Leveraging its strong base for growth and development, the $WAI token, an ERC20 asset, symbolizes constant progress and includes modular technology to stay a leader in AI innovation.

The whitepaper further highlights the plan for how tokens are distributed, which highlights WienerAI’s focus on engaging the community and providing liquidity, with specific parts set aside for presale, stake, community rewards, and marketing efforts. At the core of WienerAI’s approach is building up the Sausage Army, a passionate group ready to spread the company’s vision and impact. The detailed WienerAI Master Plan outlines important steps from starting the presale to listing on global exchanges, aiming to secure WienerAI’s top position among meme coins.

Business Model

WeinerAi native token $WAI is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. During its presale, WeinerAI offers daily staking rewards, encouraging early participation and investment. Moreover, WeinerAI promotes a community-led project called Sausage Army, where users work together and have a say in the growth and direction of the platform. The platform is upgradeable, allowing for improvements like increased memory, refined knowledge, and enriched features.

This creative approach blends the charm of memes with AI capabilities and the benefits of cryptocurrency staking, forming a self-supporting environment that promotes active participation and investment.

Backing Technology

The backing technology behind Weiner AI is an accurate representation of two of the most sought-after technologies in 2024: AI and blockchain. It runs on the Ethereum network, which the project deems to be an ideal network for its legacy. Its native token, $WAI, is an ERC20 token that runs on the same network. WeinerAI also makes use of artificial intelligence to make it infinitely upgradable, along with modular technological capabilities.

Token Distribution

The tokenomics of WienerAI explain how its own cryptocurrency, $WAI, is spread and used within the system. There are 69 billion WAI tokens available in total. Here’s how they’re distributed.

  • 30% of the tokens are first made available during the presale phase. This early sale, with a set price, aims to draw initial funds and support from investors before opening to the public.
  • A further 20% of the tokens are for staking. This means users can lock up their WAI tokens to support the network’s operations and, in return, receive rewards. This process encourages active involvement from those holding the tokens.
  • Another 20% goes to Community Rewards. These rewards go to community members who help out by engaging with others, creating content, or promoting Wiener AI. This tier supports ongoing community participation and loyalty.
  • 10% of the token supply supports DEX/CEX liquidity, guaranteeing enough liquidity for trading WAI tokens on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. This share improves the token’s accessibility and market presence.
  • The remaining 20% of the token supply goes to marketing activities, such as promotional efforts, forming partnerships, and outreach. These efforts aim to boost awareness, adoption, and usage of the WienerAI platform.

Overall, WienerAI’s tokenomics are focused on creating a balanced ecosystem that encourages participation, rewards contributions, and supports growth within its community and network.

The On-Going Weiner AI Presale

The WeinerAI presale offers buyers a chance to get WeinerAI tokens at prices much lower than what they will be paying. This presale will happen in several phases, with each phase lasting two days. During these stages, the cost of the tokens gradually goes up until the presale ends. The step-by-step price increase encourages people to buy in early and guarantees that everyone has a fair chance to buy tokens transparently.

As of now, the projects have amassed $333,709.13 in USDT towards the goal of $446,776. These numbers show how far the project has come in reaching its funding target. Keep in mind that investors can still participate until the project achieves this financial goal, presenting a window of opportunity for those interested. Currently, $WAI = $0.0003076 before the upcoming change occurs.

WeinerAI: Roadmap Explanation

WienerAI’s development plan consists of three clear steps, each created to advance the project’s main goals.

The first phase focuses on building a solid foundation for WienerAI. This begins with the launch of the Sausage Army, a community initiative aimed at increasing participation and support. At the same time, thorough audits check the security and integrity of WienerAI’s smart contracts. Following this, a presale offers early supporters a chance to buy WAI tokens at reduced prices. With everything set up, an extensive global marketing campaign is rolled out to increase visibility and attract various people to the project.

Step 2 marks an important shift towards growth and improvement. During this phase, WienerAI is systematically upgraded to boost its performance and ensure it stays relevant in the ever-changing cryptocurrency environment.

Subsequent Then, in

Step 3, WienerAI achieves an important goal by getting its token listed on global exchange platforms. This exciting event is the result of a lot of careful work and shows WienerAI becoming available to everyone. With $WAI tokens now wide open for buying, WienerAI’s push towards major acceptance and fame in the cryptocurrency market hits a high point.

How do I buy WAI tokens?

Users have to follow some easy steps to buy the WAI token.

  • Users can link their MetaMask or another wallet at the website’s top via a widget. This allows them to smoothly buy WAI tokens with different cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDT, or using a bank card.
  • Before buying, users should check to ensure their wallet has enough ETH, BNB, MATIC, or USDT. They can add more cryptocurrency if needed to help with the purchase. Users may also choose to use a bank card for payment if they prefer.
  • To finalize the transaction, users go to the buy widget and select how many tokens they want in exchange for WAI. Afterwards, they approve the transaction within their wallet after verifying there are sufficient funds of ETH, BNB, or MATIC available to cover any transaction fees.
  • After obtaining WAI tokens, users can quickly start staking their tokens to maximize their investment by selecting the ‘Staking’ option in the menu. This allows individuals to stake their tokens soon and benefit from the high annual percentage yield (APY) available.

WienerAI’s ongoing presale offers early supporters the chance to buy tokens at attractive prices, showing the project’s focus on fairness and transparency. As the presale advances towards its financial goal, WienerAI is ready to achieve wide recognition and success.


By blending meme appeal with AI capabilities and cryptocurrency staking benefits, WienerAI introduces a new chapter of creativity and growth led by the community. As it grows and broadens its influence, WienerAI aims to significantly impact the cryptocurrency field, altering how AI is viewed and setting new standards for digital asset environments.

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