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Michael Cohen Explains Exactly Why Donald Trump’s Barron Graduation Ban Whine Is ‘Comical’

Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen this week said it was “comical” the former president is whining about his hush money trial potentially preventing him from attending the high school graduation ceremony of his teenage son, Barron Trump.

Trump has disingenously spun Judge Juan Merchan’s comment — about seeing how the trial goes before deciding on whether court can be postponed on May 17 for the educational event — into the lie that he’s likely been banned from going, sparking outrage among conservatives.

Cohen, though, highlighted that he “wasn’t aware” that Trump had attended the graduations of his other children Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump.

“I find it not just comical, right, but I find it insulting that that’s the big issue,” Cohen, who spent years as Trump’s fixer, said on the Medias Touch Network’s “Political Beatdown” podcast.

“I missed my 25th anniversary and my wife’s 50th birthday because I was in Otisville, in part because of things that I had done at the direction and for the benefit of Donald Trump,” he recalled.

“So, before I start shedding a tear for him, for Barron, and, I’m sure Melania is extremely excited he’s not going to be there,” Cohen added. “Rest assured I’m not losing any sleep nor I’m going to shed a tear that Trump can’t go to Barron’s graduation.”

Cohen is poised to be a star witness in Trump’s trial, which began Monday and centers on allegations that Trump paid hush money before the 2016 election to silence porn actor Stormy Daniels over their alleged affair.

Trump’s one-time right-hand man was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress, campaign finance violations and other charges relating to the payments. He is now a fierce critic of his former boss.


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