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From boiling kettles to reaching net zero – take the clean energy quiz | The Great Grid Upgrade

  1. 1.How many times a day do most UK households boil the kettle?

  2. 2.Which aim does reaching ‘net zero’ describe?

  3. 3.By which year is the UK aiming to reach net zero?

  4. 4.What does it mean to call something a ‘clean energy’ source?

  5. 5.Renewable energy sources include wind power, solar power, and hydroelectric energy (including from the tides). What do they fundamentally all have in common?

  6. 6.In 2020, the UK managed to run on what for 68 days?

  7. 7.In 2023 the UK produced its trillionth kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated from renewable sources, having taken 50 years to reach this goal. How many years is it projected to take for us to reach the next trillionth kWh?

  8. 8.The government’s target to add 50GW of offshore wind generation by 2030 is the equivalent of taking how many petrol and diesel cars off the road?

  9. 9.Which of these is currently one of the proposed ways of transporting clean energy across the UK more efficiently?

  10. 10.What is the name of National Grid’s plan to deliver more clean energy to UK homes and businesses in future?

Learn more about The Great Grid Upgrade, and how it will help the UK switch to clean energy, here

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