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4 Top Most Profiting Solana Meme Coins During This Halving 

Today marks the last day before the 4th Bitcoin halving, which will cut the block reward from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC. As predicted by many, the crypto market has already gone through a correction zone. As a result, the majority of cryptocurrencies lost their current gains and entered a downward trend. However, today, the crypto assets made a recovery now, including the Solana meme coins.

In the last few months only, Solana became the most preferred network for meme coins, which is why, a lot of coins got launched on the network. In this blog, let us discuss, the most profiting Solana meme coin for now (a few hours before the Bitcoin halving.)

Top 5 Most Profiting Solana Meme Coins

Solana meme coins market cap has surged more than 16% in the last 24 hours, bringing the value to $6,533,938,080 with a trading volume of $1,796,415,726. Solana meme coins like Harold, Pepcat, Harambe on Solana, and BananaCat (Sol) played a significant role in this surge. These have come forward as the most profitable ones in the last 24 hours.

Harold (HAROLD)

Harold, a newly launched Solana meme coin, has shown major price fluctuations in the last few days. According to the CoinmarketCap data, the meme coins had their all-time high value of $0.02179 on the 8th of April itself. Soon after its launch in the crypto market, the meme coin entered a downward trend, losing 50% of its value.

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But today is not the day for that as HAROLD has surged more than 113.63% in just a day where its current value is at $0.008702 and a market capitalization of $8,659,658. Other than this, the trading volume has surged by 161.31%, leading to $1,157,625 in value.

Pepcat (PEPCAT)

For now, PEPCAT is available on the decentralized exchanges, where it has surged to 62% in the last 24 hours. According to CoinGecko, PEPECAT is trading at $0.0001461 with a market cap of $$146,012.

PEPECAT is facing volatility issues where its price is more on a downward trend from the 10th of April. Finally today, it has succeeded in turning upwards with 62% in profits from yesterday. It surged to an all-time of $0.001057 just thirteen days ago and is 86% above the current price.

Harambe on Solana (HARAMBE)

HARAMBE has surged more than 207% within three months of its launch. This Solana meme coin has seen a few price fluctuations here and there, and the price went to the highest of $0.07914 and the lowest of $0.0346.

As of now, the meme coin is trading at $0.02168 after a 54.61% surge in the day. Along with that, HARAMBE has a market capitalization of $21.6 Million. More than the price, HARAMBE’s trading volume has inclined as the numbers have risen by 157.78% within a day, pushing the value to $6.22 Million.

BananaCat (Sol) (BCAT)

BananaCat (Sol) is trading at $0.000496 after a 49.3% price surge in a day. Its value peaked in the middle of March when it set an all-time high record of $0.003073. From that moment, the value has dropped to almost 84% and has succeeded in making a comeback with this recent surge. More importantly, its trading volume is $9,295 with a market cap of $503.45K.


Compared to the famous Solana meme coins like dogwifhat, Book of Meme, and BONK, the Harold, Pepcat, and other meme coins lack value but have succeeded in making big price jumps within the last 24 hours. If the same trend continues, the chances are high for them to enter the Bitcoin halving zone with their best prices.

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